Scientists release land degradation warning map

VietNamNet Bridge – For the first time the Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has three female members, including National Assembly Vice Chairs Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and Tong Thi Phong and Chair of the National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs Truong Thi Mai. The youngest member is Mr. Vo Van Thuong, 46, Vice Permanent Party Secretary of HCM City. The oldest member is Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, Party Secretary General. The politburo has only one representative of the local agency – Mr. Vo Van Thuong from HCM City. There are three Deputy Prime Ministers in the list - Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Mr. Pham Binh Minh and Mr. Hoang Trung Hai; three Ministers – Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang, Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang and the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam Nguyen Van Binh. There are four officials from Party organizations: Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue, Head of the Central Economic Committee; Mr. Dinh The Huynh, Head of the Central Propaganda and Education Committee; Mr. Pham Minh Chinh, Deputy Head of the Central Organizing Committee; and Mr. Tran Quoc Vuong, Head of the Office of the Party Central Committee. Three members of the Party Central Committee (not the Politburo members) were elected to the Party Secretariat, including the Chair of the Government Office - Mr. Nguyen Van Nen, Head of the Supreme People’s Procuracy Nguyen Hoa Binh, and Lieutenant General - Vice Chairman of the People's Army General Political Department Luong Cuong. Brief…... [read more]

The opening ceremony of the 19th Vietnam Film Festival was held at Hoa Binh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City on December 1. The 18th Film Festival Best Actress Van Trang and best Actor Quoc Thai hoisted Vietnam flag, making the opening of the festival. Before the opening ceremony a delegation of artists and officials led by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh offered flowers dedicated to late President Ho Chi Minh at his statue in front of the headquarters of the Ho Chi Minh city People's Committee. This year’s event themed ‘"Vietnam’s Cinema –Ethnicity, Humanity, Innovation and Integration" welcomed about 125 cinematographic submissions, including 20 featured films and others in categories of documentary, cartoon, and science. It is expected that there are 500 artists, movie makers, movie producers, distributors, representatives of movie companies and media organizations taking part in the festival. The jury picked up 125 films from hundreds of films to be selected for the main competition sections including fiction movie, documentary and scientific films and animated film and for screening out of competition. Film director Vu Xuan Hung is selected as the jury chief of feature section, Association Professor- Ph.D. Tran Kim Luan as jury chief of documentary and scientific section and Film Director Ha Bac as jury chief of animated film section. The organizers will present the Golden Lotus, Silver Lotus and the Jury Awards for titles such as Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Filmmaker, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best…... [read more]

PANO - The Military Women Committee held a get-together on October 15th in Hanoi, in celebration of the 85th founding anniversary of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) (October 20th, 1930) and the fifth anniversary of Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th, 2010). At the meeting, the delegates recalled the glorious tradition of Vietnamese women in general and of female troops in particular. Together with other women across Vietnam, female troops have always made the most of their tradition. So far, the Army has had four women promoted to Generals, nearly 1,000 associate professors, Ph.Ds, MAs, people’s physicians and artists. In all positions, female troops have tried their best to fulfill all assigned missions and become firm support in the homefront, to deserving of the commendation of the Central Military Commission of "Patriotic, united, creative, faithful and responsible". Addressing the meeting, Sen. Lt. Gen. Phuong Minh Hoa, Deputy Director of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army, praised all women in the army and hoped that organizations would pay much attention to and give opportunities for female troops to develop their talents. On the occasion, the general presented flowers and gifts to the female delegates. Translated by Ngoc Bich... [read more]

NDO - As many as of 548 students from 24 high schools across Vietnam took part in the International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns held at the Giang Vo Junior High School in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi on October 11. The Tournament of the Towns, the 37th competition of its kind, is a town-based mathematics competition, which originated in Russia, in which towns throughout the world can participate on an equal level. This was the first time Vietnam has participated in the competition which was held in Vietnam by the University of Education under the Vietnam National University, Hanoi in co-ordination with the Russian Central Organising Committee. 24 high schools joined this year's tournament including 11 junior high schools and 13 senior high schools from eight provinces and cities: Hanoi, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Hai Duong and Hai Phong. Speaking at the opening ceremony for the tournament, Associate Professor, Ph.D Le Kim Long, Rector of the University of Education and head of the tournament's organising board said the competition would bring about an interesting and educational learning platform for students, helping to inspire a love for mathematics within them. Associate Professor, Ph.D Le Anh Vinh, head of the board of jury confirmed the exam questions were compiled by the Central Organising Committee in Russia and sent to cities around the world. He noted that Vietnamese students are to attend the competition in Hanoi on October 11 for the O-Level (basic) and on October 25…... [read more]

From the glorious sunrise on Mui Dien to the peaceful sunset grappling the bird wing O Thuoc of Loan fairy, the imposing beauty, also very particularly interesting and intact of Phu Yen, there have been lots of compliments and admirations… To turn those potentials into previous tourism products, Phu Yen needs to swiftly form products in parallel with constructing one strategy of advertising and marketing the locality’s tourism. In the past years, Phu Yen tourism has not showed much development as to the right potentials and aspirations. Phu Yen is one province with the lowest number of enterprises taking part in exploiting tourism with modest scope among the provinces in the Central Coastal Region. According to the Associate Professor Ph.D, Mr. Pham Trung Luong, cum deputy head of the Institute of researching and developing tourism (Ministry of culture-sports-tourism), a person directly participating in constructing and scheming Phu Yen tourism, the most significant point for developing Phu Yen tourism is to construct the strong products of the locality with many types of services, creating conditions for the tourists to experience. To have featured tourism products of Phu Yen, for me, it’s necessary to determine in concrete the potentials, strengths of the locality and expressing thoroughly the vision of overall scheming of the province, in connection with concrete solutions, encouraging enterprises to expand tourism investment so as to exploit those potentials, to construct Phu Yen into one featured tourism destination. Applying technology of communication and withdrawing experience from the localities that have…... [read more]

With his recent coming back to Phu Yen, Associate Professor Ph.D Pham Trung Luong, deputy head of the Institute of tourism research and development (the Ministry of culture-sports-tourism), assesses that Phu Yen tourism has certain development, still slower than the locality’s potentials and strength. It is going to be hard to reach the targets set for the province’s strategy if there’s no strong determination for making breakthroughs. Phu Yen Newspaper held this interview with Mr. Pham Trung Luong, as related to this issue. * Being the person directly in charge of joining and constructing the scheme for Phu Yen tourism development in previous years, this time coming back, how do you assess the development so far? - I do see the multi-faced development like the tourism products and services; technical infrastructure; the accommodation system sufficient to meet the great demands during national or international scope events with a great number of V.I.P guests. One of the stressing points I do think that bears the fundamental as well as strategic features is that Phu Yen has constructed, upgraded Tuy Hoa airport. During the time we did the scheming task, it was not like now. Tuy Hoa airport is fairly modern, competent to welcome aircrafts typed A320, A321, which is one considerable advantage for Phu Yen tourism to connect with the two ends of the country, being the "gateway to the EastSea" of the Highlands provinces. Nevertheless, we do need to look back, in a straightforward way, on Phu Yen province’s level…... [read more]

The Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has recently presented three plans for a new national examination slated to begin in 2015, prompting mixed opinions from local educators and students. At the conference to summarize the academic year of 2013-2014 and discuss plans for the following year held on July 29 in Hanoi, the educational ministry brought up three plans that are under consideration for the new national exam. The exam is planned to replace the two separate high school graduation and university entrance exams currently in place. Vietnamese 12th-graders are now required to pass four MoET tests at the end of their school year to graduate from high school in June and sit for a set of three MoET papers, depending on their majors, to gain admission to college in July. Plan No. 1 requires students to complete four tests in four compulsory subjects - mathematics, literature, a foreign language and one of the following: physics, chemistry, biology, history or geography. The results of the four tests will be used for high school graduation. Students can also take tests in the remaining subjects and use the results for university and college entrance. Under Plan No. 2, students are tested on five subjects: maths, literature, a foreign language, natural sciences (integrating knowledge from physics, chemistry and biology), and social sciences (integrating history and geography). The results will be used for high school graduation and university and college entrance. Plan No. 3 gathers 11 subjects - maths, literature, physics, chemistry,…... [read more]

CR - International cooperation in defence is an important part of the active and positive international integration of Viet Nam. The 11th Party Congress emphasized: "Continuing the expansion of international cooperation in national defence and security"(1). This strategic guiding thought of the Party needs to be effectively, widely and deeply carried out in external military activities so as to further international cooperation in defence of Viet Nam. 1- In implementing the policy of expanding external activities, active and initiative international integration laid down by the 11th Party Congress, Viet Nam's international cooperation in defence has recently made new developments which can be seen in following fundamental areas: First, strongly representing own responsibility in international community, contributing to the building of faith, fostering cooperation in defense among nations in the region and across the world. Our Party's thought on international cooperation in defense represents a strong connection between national defense and resolution of emerging security issues in the region and the world; its also represents a new approach which considers regional and global security challenges as that of Viet Nam. With this spirit, in recent years, cooperation in defence between Viet Nam and other countries has widely expanded and deeply developed toward stability, lasting, equality, mutual respect and benefit. Viet Nam has made contribution in term of action, keen political and military thought for international community; participating in settlement of regional and the world security issues; playing a responsible role in multilateral defence and security organizations, forum and mechanism in the…... [read more]

In order to make a breakthrough in human resource development and aim at building up a highly qualified labour force, Quang Ngai Provincial People's Committee has issued Decision 27/2013/QD-UBND stipulating the policies of attracting, encouraging workers of high quality and full-time graduates to work in the province. The estimated fund for this activity is approximately VND150 billion. Regarding the reason why Quang Ngai gives out the policies of encouraging and appealing to qualified labourers, Director Tran Van Thanh, Department of Home Affairs said that at present, the provincial labour force is just at medium level in comparison with it neighbours. Thus, there's a need of a hit through policies of training labour at site at the same time as appealing talents, which then can facilitate Quang Ngai socio-economic rapid development. Also shared by Mr Thanh, Quang Ngai will annually spend about 2 percent of provincial state budget on training and attracting labourers of high quality to work in the province. Starting from 2014, the province will announce the list of occupations prioritized for attraction, remuneration and support under its policies. As for 2013, the province started to exercise the labor attraction policies since 1st July. According to the newly issued policies, apart from salary, allowance and remuneration in compliance with the current applicable Governmental regulations, Quang Ngai province will bonus one-time fund of VND100-350 million for each candidate on the basis of their educational degree, title or prioritized occupational sector. In particular, those with titles of Medical Master, Specialist level…... [read more]

In the process of developing the socialist-oriented market economy, Viet Nam has continuously renovated and developed different forms of enterprises, considering it one of the fundamental and decisive tasks towards comprehensive renovation and socio-economic development of the country. The Communist Party of Viet Nam has gradually built and promulgated systems of resolutions and decrees on its leadership in enterprises. The cross-cutting and unified feature of the resolutions and decrees is to ensure all forms of enterprises to develop equality and favorably. At the same time, from and through practices, Party organizations at all levels have lived up to their roles to lead enterprises and to build the organizations strong and clean. Prompted by characteristics and functions of each enterprise, the Party issued regulations on functions and tasks of party organizations in those enterprises. The Party organization in State enterprise is a political nucleus which is responsible for leading Party cadres and members and disseminating and mobilizing members of enterprises to implement the Party's policies and orientations, the State's legislation, the enterprises' regulations and rules; participating in developing objectives, vision, production and business tasks of the enterprises and leading Party cadres, members and laborers in fulfilling the enterprises' production and business tasks and building the Party organizations' strong and clean. Party organizations in equitised enterprises implement similar tasks of party organizations in other form of enterprises. But due to their characteristics, the scope and extend of the leading role of party organizations there are different from those in state enterprises. For…... [read more]