Vietnam builds first modern fishing ship for Canada

“You had mortar rounds going off in the mountains and you were surfing off China Beach,” he said. “It was ‘Apocalypse Now!’” Forty-five years later, Palazzo is back, this time as a tech entrepreneur contributing to the planned construction of one of Southeast Asia’s most modern cities. The roar of F-4 Phantom jets has become the rumble of bulldozers, the rattle of Huey helicopter rotors has been replaced with spinning casino slot machines; instead of bullets, golf balls whizz down world-class fairways. lled East Sea Beach. “They are welcoming of foreigners. In terms of process and getting things done, Danang is by far much more friendly to businesses than Ho Chi Minh City,” the country’s commercial center, formerly known as Saigon. In Da Nang, you might be forgiven for wondering how the war ended. Tourists sun themselves on the white sand in front of the Hyatt Regency resort, a few blocks up the coast from the Greg Norman-designed Danang Golf Club. Downtown, outside the Big C supermarket, which sells French baguettes and bottles of Bordeaux, traffic directed by International Business Machines Corp. software flows on toward the airport and the Coca-Cola Co. factory. Vietnam’s Singapore Decades after the city revolved around the U.S. military air bases, Danang is recasting itself as the Singapore of Vietnam, touting a transparent and efficient government. A building boom has transformed the landscape into a budding metropolis, ranked at or near the top of the Vietnam Provincial Competitiveness Index for good governance and business-friendly policies…... [read more]

Over the past years, the State has poured more investment into repairing and upgrading the river and sea embankment systems, helping mitigate the consequences of natural disasters. Every year, a tropical country like Vietnam braces for natural disasters. When the stormy season comes, it develops in a complicated manner. We all know that natural disasters are inevitable phenomena, but better forecast and proper prevention and control measures will help mitigate the human and property losses caused by natural disasters. Overcoming the consequences of typhoon Chanchu, which killed hundreds of Vietnamese fishermen offshore recently, cannot be done overnight, and from now on we should learn lessons from the typhoon. According to the fisheries sector, Vietnamese fishing practices have developed for a long time and all fishermen conduct their activities offshore with traditional experiences, accumulating over many generations. Each lesson of experience is a high price and sometimes costs the lives of those involved. For the fishing industry, each lesson costs fishermen’s lives. The sea is very unpredictable and experienced fishermen cannot predict unexpected situations. Nobody thought that during the calm sea days, a tropical low pressure system was building and suddenly struck central Thanh Hoa province, killing hundreds of local fishermen in Hau Loc district. Nobody thought that the south-eastern region – which is rarely hit by typhoons and tropical low pressures – could unexpectedly be stricken by a powerful typhoon, killing thousands of fishermen. And nobody thought that Chanchu – the first typhoon in the East Sea this year –…... [read more]

Many of these workers do not hold legal documents authorising them to work in the country and as a consequence are vulnerable to exploitation and lack access to legal protection for fear that they would be deported. As a result, the Vietnam Overseas Labour Management Department working closely with the Thailand government has been taking the initiative to protect their rights. The majority of these workers are from farming villages in rural Vietnam and they send their salaries to their families back home. Many Vietnam migrant workers in Thailand As one example of the abuse, take the case of dockworkers at the Pae Pla Pier in Mahachai, Thailand. Guest workers earn between US$9–US$18 per day for carting barrels of fish from the fishing trawlers and loading on to seafood trucks. Another example is the fish canning factories of Unicord, where an estimated 6,000 guest workers, some of whom are Vietnamese, labour each day over two shifts for pithy wages. Duc said that more than 200 people from his home district are currently working in Bangkok, mainly as restaurant workers or household employees and substantially all of them are underpaid. A local official from the village of My Loc, Hoang Thi Giang, said the village has more than 1,200 migrant workers in Thailand. In addition, many local people of other villages like Ky Phong and Nghi Thiet have gone to Thailand to work. However, most of them are working illegally in Thailand, gaining entry to the country as a tourist and…... [read more]

PANO – Ship Truong Sa 18 successfully rescued 10 fishermen on distressed boat TG-93333 TS on November 16. Previously, the fishing trawler, captained by Vong Van Ven from Go Cong Dong district, Tien Giang province, with nine other fishermen on board was stranded due to a broken bilgeabout four nautical miles north of Sinh Ton Dong Island. Receiving the information, the Naval Region 4 Command instructed troops stationed on Sinh Ton Dong Island to send Ship Truong Sa 18 to the scene and rescue the troubled fishermen. At 12:45am the same day, 10 fishermen on the distressed trawler were safely moved to Ship Truong Sa 18. The ship then headed back to Sinh Ton Dong Island. On the island, the distressed fishermen were provided with first aid and food. Translated by Hong Thanh... [read more]

Vietnam, EU share experience in ensuring human rights Experts from Vietnam and the European Union (EU) shared experience in ensuring human rights while implementing the United Nations Convention against Torture (UNCAT) during a workshop held in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho on October 3. The event gave an insight into important human rights principles set in international conventions and the UNCAT in particular for officials working in Vietnam's public security, judicial and court sectors. Participants presented Vietnam's responsibility in carrying out international conventions, including the UNCAT, to which the country is a member. EU experts updated the current situation in the field in the union as well as shared experience of EU and member states on crime investigation without use of torture and methods to prevent torture. The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (commonly known as the UN Convention against Torture ) is an international human rights treaty approved by the UN General Assembly in December 1984. It aims to prevent torture and other acts of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment around the world. Vietnam signed the UNCAT in 2013 with the approval of the National Assembly in 2014, demonstrating the Vietnamese Government's strong commitment to preventing torture and protecting human rights in the country. In ASEAN, Vietnam was the sixth nation to join the UNCAT, along with Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam, Cambodia foster cooperation in ethnic affairs A delegation of the Committee for Ethnic Affairs had…... [read more]

Viet Nam News ĐÀ NẴNG - The central city has launched a fishery logistics trawler for the city's fishing boat fleet on Hoàng Sa (Paracel) Island of Việt Nam after five months of building. The ship owner, Lê Văn Khang of Sơn Trà District, said the 1,200CV capacity boat was built for VNĐ7 billion (US$311,000), of which VNĐ800 million ($36,000) was funded by the city. It's one of the newest logistics ship built in Đà Nẵng following a master plan of offshore fishing ship fleet development. Khang said his family has six other fishing boats in the sea off Hoàng Sa (Paracel) Island - a traditional fishing ground of Việt Nam. Last year, the city introduced two fishery logistics co-operatives to supply fuel, ice, food, fresh water and necessities for longer trips involving 60 offshore fishing trawlers in Đà Nẵng and other central provinces. The central city's People's Committee has approved an eight-year deep-sea fishing project worth VNĐ1.1 trillion ($52 million). The project is aimed at increasing productivity and providing bigger and better high-capacity vessels equipped with the latest technology. This includes the development of a fleet of 400 trawlers by 2020, most equipped with global positioning and fish-detection systems. The central city, which has 15, of fishing grounds, has a fleet of 2,300 fishing boats, of which 699 are deep-sea trawlers. - VNS... [read more]

Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – At least three fishermen were kidnapped in waters near the Pulau Pom Pom resort off Malaysia's Sabah state on September 10. Eastern Sabah Security Command Commander Wan Abdul Bari Abdul Khalid confirmed receiving a report from the fishing vessel’s owner about the missing men at 1.59am. The owner said that armed kidnappers stormed the vessel and kidnapped three crew members, including the captain and a mechanic. A previous kidnapping at the Pulau Pom Pom resort occurred on November 15, 2013 when armed kidnappers killed a Taiwanese tourist before taking his wife hostage and bringing her to the southern Philippines. The victim was released the following month after a ransom was reportedly paid to secure her release.-VNA... [read more]

PANO – Troops on board ship BP 32.04.03 of Border Guard Flotilla 2 of the Binh Dinh provincial Border Guard Command on September 2 successfully saved six distressed fishermen and towed their fishing trawler BD 96259-TS to the Mui Tan Border Station in Hai Cang ward, Quy Nhon city. Previously, at 7:30pm on September 1, fishing ship BD 96259-TS with a capacity of 400CV, captained by Van Cong Truyen from Hoai Hai commune, Hoai Nhon district was stranded about 30 nautical miles off the coast of Quy Nhon city. Receiving the mayday signals, the command immediately sent its ship to the scene and saved the troubled trawler with six fishermen on board. At present, six fishermen are recovering. Translated by Chung Anh... [read more]

Dozens of migrants were missing Friday after an overloaded fishing boat sank off the coast of Libya, the third major tragedy in the Mediterranean in as many days, Italian rescuers said. Italian coastguards sent in rescue ships after a call for help that spoke of 350 people in the water, while the Italian navy said it had saved 130 people and was still searching for others. The coastguard, which coordinates rescue operations in the area, was not able to immediately provide further information about the latest incident. But it said about 1,900 people were saved on Friday from 16 vessels in distress, adding to an estimated 10,000 people already rescued near the Libyan coast in the past four days. A bout of good weather as summer arrives has kicked off a fresh stream of boats attempting to make the perilous crossing from Libya to Italy. About 40,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in the country's southern ports so far this year. But in one of the worst tragedies in the Mediterranean in recent months, a fishing trawler carrying some 650 people capsized off the coast of Libya on Wednesday. The Italian navy, which captured the tragedy in a horrifying video that shows the boat roll over and dump its passengers into the water, was able to rescue about 560 people. But five people died and 100 are still feared missing, according to many survivors who reported having lost a loved one or a close passenger. On Thursday, the EU's naval…... [read more]

Fishing boats with Chinese national flags are seen at a harbor in Baimajing, Hainan province, April 7, 2016. Photo: Reuters/Megha Rajagopalan The fishing fleet based in this tiny port town on Hainan island is getting everything from military training and subsidies to even fuel and ice as China creates an increasingly sophisticated fishing militia to sail into the disputed South China Sea. The training and support includes exercises at sea and requests to fishermen to gather information on foreign vessels, provincial government officials, regional diplomats and fishing company executives said in recent interviews. "The maritime militia is expanding because of the country's need for it, and because of the desire of the fishermen to engage in national service, protecting our country's interests," said an advisor to the Hainan government who did not want to be named. But the fishing militia also raises the risk of conflict with foreign navies in the strategic waterway through which $5 trillion of trade passes each year, diplomats and naval experts say. The United States has been conducting sea and air patrols near artificial islands China is building in the disputed Spratlys archipelago, including by two B-52 strategic bombers in November. Washington said in February it would increase the "freedom of navigation" sail-bys around the disputed sea. Basic military training The city-level branches of the People's Armed Forces Department provide basic military training to fishermen, said the Hainan government advisor. The branches are overseen by both the military and local Communist Party authorities in charge…... [read more]