Traditional cultural values of ethnics in northwestern region promoted

Traditional cultural values of Vietnamese families have been preserved, promoted and handed down from generation to generation during thousands of years of national history. These traditions are patriotism, love for homeland, love for family, fidelity, brotherhood, mutual assistance, good neighbourhood, humanism, ultruism, self-denial, gratitude, eagerness for learning, industruousness, diligence, undauntedness and steadfastness. It is these values that have created the idendity of Vietnamese cultural traditions. However, in the current international globalization, new cultural values of families have taken shape and several cultural traditional values of families are facing the threat of falling into oblivion. To continue promoting traditional cultural values…... [read more]

Phu Tho still preserves many cultural heritages, especially those associated with the Hung dynasty. So, in the past years, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Phu Tho province has issued guidelines, policies and specific measures to direct the conservation and improvement of heritages in sustainable development orientation. In recent years, particularly in 2014, Phu Tho Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has focused on implementing the overall and synchronous tasks which aim to preserve and promote the traditional values of the nation. Specifically: Accelerate the implementation of projects and plans which have been approved, focusing on implementing the…... [read more]

In two days, September 17 and 18, in the provincial Party Committee's meeting hall, the scientific workshop entitled "Preservation and Promotion of Vietnamese Traditional Cultural Values during the Integration and Doi Moi Process" held by the provincial Party Committee's Department for Propaganda and Training attracted some 40 scientists and culturists nationwide. There were 37 speeches, studies and ideas by cultural researchers delivered at the workshop, basically including: Cultural Values - General Matters; Cultural Values - Vietnam Issues; and Cultural Values in South Vietnam and in Dong Nai. On the basic of research findings, the workshop mainly focused on proposing solutions…... [read more]

The courses will also encourage young people to study and improve skills for weaving, knitting and embroidery. Products created during the two courses will be exhibited at the museum. Participants will study objects of the ethnic minority groups displayed at the museum, learn basic skills to decorate clothes and create small cloth bags which can contain coins or hand phones; plait bamboo baskets. The courses will be comprehensive and a review of previous courses. In addition, Korean cloth decorations will be introduced during the courses.... [read more]

(Cinet)- On November 19, in Vietnam ethnic culture-tourism village, an exhibition entitled "Vietnam's Traditional culture and ethnic costumes" officially took place in the framework of "National Great Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage" Week. The exhibition shows 42 costumes, 50 textiles products, 200 documents of Khmer culture and Vietnam's ethnic groups, which reflects deeply cultural development process, from traditional costumes to contemporary.This isameaningfulactivity in the "national Great Solidarity - Vietnam Cultural Heritage" Week, which aims to strengthen unity between all 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. It is also a channel to introduce and popularise Viet Nam and the village - which is…... [read more]

The program Diem Mot Thoi (One-Time Point) promoting Vietnamese traditional cultural values by designer/master of Ao Dai, Si Hoang has returned in January in Ho Chi Minh City after a 10-year halt. The two-hour long program features performances of folk music, including chau van, hat xam, don ca tai tu (Southern amateur music) and Hue royal music; Ao dai fashion show as well as reviving traditional cotryside market.The show also aims to give an opportunity to Vietnamese and foreign visitors to learn about the Vietnamese culture while tasting Vietnamese teas, enjoying fashion shows, the beauty of Ao dai and traditional…... [read more]

During the 7 days from July 4th to July 10th, The Professional festival of dancing and singing for the central highland provinces attracted almost 400 artists and actors from 7 professional artistic troups in the region and Hanoi city.   Female singers performing the song  Bia Mountain All the performances were carefully and attentively prepared, bearing the deep cultural characteristic, rich in humane value, praising the beauty of the country, the nation, the festival was attended by many local people as well as tourists. Apart from the aim to create chance for the artistic troups to share and exchange experiences,…... [read more]

Participants in the event said that in recent decades, the international integration process has promoted the development and socialization of production forces and helped achieve high economic growth. In the current trend of globalization, technology transfer has been implemented at a breathtaking pace to make a breakthrough in sci-tech development, management work and business operation for the benefit of national industrialization and modernization. Speaking at the seminar, historian Le Van Lan expressed his concern over the gradual loss of traditional cultural values, saying that the Vietnamese language, for example, is losing its own characteristics. Many young people do not have…... [read more]

Ao dai festival which have been held in Ho Chi Minh city honoured the nation's traditional cultural values. The festival attracted many famous fashion designers, well-known artists, and a large number of visitors. Attendees had a chance to enjoy music and dance performances, a fashion show, a photo exhibition on Ao dai, an Ao dai design competition, a beauty pageant, Ao dai and flower parades, and a puppet show. Ao dai helps Vietnamese women look more elegant and beautiful. Following are photos taken at the festival:... [read more]

(CPV) - The 10th culture and sport festival of ethnic groups in the northwestern region will draw the participation of 1,200 ethnic people from six provinces and will take place from November 25th to 29th in Yen Bai province. The opening ceremony will be broadcast live on Vietnam Television. The closing ceremony will be broadcast live on Yen Bai provincial television. Diverse cultural activities including traditional folklore art performances of ethnic groups, and shows on the traditional clothes of ethnic groups in the northwestern provinces, traditional festivals will be held during the festival. In addition, ethnic people will enjoy sports…... [read more]