Traffic police ready for APEC Economic Leaders’ Week

The event was held in order to encourage policemen to heighten their responsibilities, overcome difficulties to fulfill the assigned missions, contributing to ensuring absolute safety for senior leaders of the Party and the State as well as high-ranking international visitors.

In addition, the event aimed at calling upon people across the country to cooperate with the traffic police force, to help them complete their missions, contributing to building the image of the Vietnamese people as “friendly, hospitable, and peace-loving.”

Under the direction of the APEC 2017 Security and Orders Subcommittee of the Ministry of Public Security, the Department of Traffic Police mobilized over 800 policemen and hundreds of vehicles to serve at the event, which will take place in Da Nang City from November 6 to 11.

Addressing the ceremony, Senior Lieutenant General Bui Van Nam, Deputy-Minister of Public Security and Head of the APEC 2017 Security and Order Subcommittee stressed the significance of the APEC Vietnam 2017 in general and the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in particular. The General also asked the participating traffic police to collaborate well with relevant forces to ensure the safety of related activities throughout the week and across the country.

The People’s Army Newspaper would like to introduce some images of the ceremony on Oct. 15:

A view of the ceremony 

Over 800 traffic policemen  

…and hundreds of vehicles mobilized for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week 

Water way police participating in the ceremony 

Translated by Trung Thanh


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