Philippines returns five Vietnamese fishermen

Illustrative photo (Source:VNA)Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia on July 26 repatriated 65 Vietnamese fishermen who were arrested in April and May for accidently fishing in Indonesia’s seas.The repatriation was the single biggest number of fishermen to be returned en masse so far. Most of the fishermen worked for fishing boats that were from the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. They were detained in Indonesia for 2-3 months. In 2015, the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia succeeded in sending some 670 fishermen back to their homeland. Last year, Indonesia detained some 60 ships and boats and arrested 660 fishermen from Vietnam, much higher…… [read more]

The Quang Ngai provincial border guard command said the captain of the QNg 95010 TS, identified as Nguyen Van Pho from Chau Thuan Bien hamlet, Binh Chau commune, Binh Son district, and his men have been secured by a Philippine boat All in stable condition, they are trying to contact their families…. [read more]

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte with representatives of the Government and the Philippines’ Pangasinan Province were present at the send-off ceremony.President Duterte remarked that pursuant to the request from Vietnamese high-ranking leaders and the humanitarian spirit and friendly relations between the two countries, the Philippine Government has completed all necessary procedures to return the Vietnamese fishermen and their fishing vessel coded PY-96173-TS.For his part, Vietnamese Ambassador Ly Quoc Tuan thanked President Durerte, the Philippine Government and local authorities for their support in repatriating these fishermen to their home country.The Philippines coast guard led the fishing vessel to international waters where it…… [read more]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday attended a ceremony to repatriate five Vietnamese fishermen who had been arrested by Philippine authorities in September for fishing in the country’s waters. The ceremonial send-off was held at the port of Sual in Pangasinan Province and joined by representatives of the Philippine government and provincial administration, according to the Embassy of Vietnam in the Philippines, which co-organized the event. The fishermen were arrested in September after Philippine authorities spotted their boat operating in the sea area off Pangasinan from 8:30 pm on September 22 to 1:00 am the following day. Their boat, the…… [read more]

PHILIPPINES — The Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, and the Việt Nam Embassy in the Philippines, on Wednesday, co-hosted a ceremony to send five Vietnamese fishermen back to the country.   At Sual Port in Pangasinan Province, the five fishermen were in a fishing boat, numbered PY 96173 TS, which was towed into international waters by the Philippines Marine Police, according to the newspaper Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) Speaking at the event, Duterte said that the government and relevant authorities had completed all the procedures and supported the fishermen to go back, considering humanity values and friendship between the two countries.   Lý…… [read more]

Filipino troops rescued three Vietnamese fishermen and recovered the body of another from Islamist militant group Abu Sayyaf during a special operation on Friday, according to official sources.The troops were able to track down the bandits and launch the rescue operation at 7.45 a.m local time near Kang Tipayan Island in the Sulu archipelago, Filipino media reported, citing local officials.The Vietnamese embassy in Manila has confirmed the news, naming the rescued fishermen as Bui Xuan Vien, Bui Duc Trung and Nguyen Quang Huy.The other fisherman, Nguyen Huu Truong, had died of sickness, it said, as cited by Saigon Giai Phong…… [read more]

Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Wednesday attended the see-off ceremony for five Vietnamese fishermen and their boat PY-96173-TS which was seized by local authorities in September.Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte attends the see-off ceremony for five Vietnamese fishermen on November 29. Photo by abs-cbnSpeaking at the ceremony which was held at Sual Wharf in Pangasinan Province, President Duterte emphasized the importance of Philippine and Vietnam relations and with other countries belonging to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.Duterte also apologized for the stand-off last September that led to the killing of two Vietnamese fishermen in an encounter with the…… [read more]

After releasing 85 Vietnamese fishermen who had been detained in the Philippine province of Palawan for illegal fishing, the provincial court yesterday set free the remaining 37. Vietnamese fishermen are given instructions by Filipino officers at the army barracks where they are staying while waiting for repatriation. The news was issued by the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines yesterday morning, after the court announced its order of release to these fishermen.Earlier on August 26, at the trial of 122 Vietnamese fishermen who had been detained in Palawan since May 30, the court decided to release 85 fishermen while maintaining its…… [read more]

The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department said, on May 30, 2011, seven fishing vessels of Binh Thuan province, BTh 98630TS, BTh 98709TS, BTh 99668TS, BTh 98079TS, BTh 99924TS, BTh 987693TS and BTh 99367TS, with 122 fishermen on board were arrested by the Philippine Navy about 2 nautical miles (3.6km) off Tamburok coast of Balabac, Palawan province of the Philippines.The Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines said it had contacted with Philippine concerned agencies for many times and requested the Philippine side to quickly release the fishermen and their ships, and arrange a consular visit to the fishermen. But the planned visit…… [read more]

Vietnam works with Philippines on arrested fishermenTu emphasized this at an August 17 consular visit to 122 Vietnamese fishermen arrested on May 30 and 12 others who were rescued from a recent storm in Palawan province.The diplomat also visited the Chairman of Palawan province, providing further information on the economic contract between Vietnamese and Filipino companies relating to the 122 Vietnamese fishermen…. [read more]