PM: Vietnam considers international economic integration as reform momentum

For the past years, Lang Son province has made significant progress in all aspects, particularly economy, to create important momentum for the province to engage in deeper and broader international economic integration.Gross domestic product (GDP) expanded 10.45 percent a year on average in the 2006 – 2010 period, higher than that of the 2001 – 2005 period (10.04 percent). The local economy is being restructured on the right track, with agriculture and forestry accounting for 39.74 percent; industry and construction 21.08 percent; and services 39.18 percent. GDP per capita reached US$820 in 2010, doubling that in 2005. All sectors saw…… [read more]

He was speaking at a conference held in Hanoi on December 23 to review Vietnam’s international economic integration in 2008-2009. On the renewal and international economic integration process, Mr. Khiem noted that Vietnam has established bilateral economic ties with more than 170 countries and exported goods to more than 230 countries and territories. The country has signed over 90 bilateral trade agreements, nearly 60 investment encouragement and protection agreements, 54 agreements on avoidance of double taxation and many other bilateral cultural agreements, he added.At the conference, the National Committee for International Economic Co-operation and the International Economic Integration Boards of…… [read more]

By bringing into full play the advantages of a dynamic quadrilateral in the Mekong Delta region, An Giang has continuously gained remarkable achievements in socio-economic development and has become a “bright spot” of the socio-economic development of the South West region. “Backed with the current momentum, I am confident that An Giang will continue to obtain greater achievements, confidently boost industrialisation, modernisation and international economic integration,” said Mr Vuong Binh Thanh, Chairman of the An Giang Provincial People’s Committee. Hoang Lam reports. Would you please tell us how the province has tapped the local great potential for agriculture, trade and…… [read more]

The following is translation of the resolution for reference: I – BACKGROUNDS1- Since our country officially became member of the World Trade Organization in 2007, the process of active and proactive international economic integration has become increasingly intensive and extensive with numerous positive and comprehensive outcomes in various areas, especially:- International economic integration has emerged as one of the major impetuses for socio-economic development, increased national aggregate power; accelerated the improvement of the socialist-oriented market economy institutions; expanded markets, fostered exports, lured a huge volume of capital, technology, knowledge, management expertise, and other important sources; created more jobs, improved intellectual…… [read more]

The inauguration of the Can Tho International Airport A high-growing and sustainable economy In recent years, Can Tho’s industrial production value has continually grown, with the annual average pace during 2006-2010 reaching 18.6 percent. In 2010 alone, the value hit more than VND19.28 trillion, a 1.35-fold increase over 2005. In the outlined period, the value of exported goods and services increased by 19.8 percent annually, hitting US$3.7 billion, some 2.52 percent higher than planned, compared with the average national growth rate of 17.34 percent. The annual export growth rate totaled 20.64 percent during the period, with the share of processed…… [read more]

With the drastic engagement of the entire political system, the investment and business environment of Can Tho City has improved dramatically and the economic competitiveness has increased steadily, leading to higher investor confidence in the local investment environment. Mr Truong Quoc Trang, Deputy Director of Can Tho Department of Planning and Investment, said: “By creating good policies for the people, with the business and for the business, the investment climate in Can Tho City is more favourable and accommodating than ever and extremely attractive to all economic sectors to do business.” Hoang Lam reports. In response to the Prime Minister’s…… [read more]

The resolution states consistently pursuing the external policy of independence, self-reliance, persification, multilateralization of international relations, being proactive in international economic integration for national interests is the major strategic direction for national construction and defense. It underlines the importance to creatively apply lessons and deal with major relations including relations between economic independence and self-reliance and extensive international economic integration.  It says international economic integration is the focus of international integration and that integration in other areas needs to serve international economic integration. International economic integration is the common cause of the entire people with businessmen and intellectuals are the…… [read more]

With a majority of votes in favour (90.24 percent), most NA deputies ratified the protocol on Vietnam’s WTO admission. Hence, Vietnam’s National Assembly reached the highest consensus on the ratification of the protocol, showing the legislative body’s determination to co-operate with the State, Party and Government, as well as agencies at all levels to deeply integrate into the global economy, opening up new prospects for further renovation, development and integration. Vietnam’s accession to the WTO was signed by Vietnamese Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen and WTO General Director Pascal Lamy in Geneva, Switzerland on November 7. The protocol is due…… [read more]

Ho Chi Minh’s ideas on international economic integration created substantial foundations for Vietnam’s relations with other countries in the world, particularly the nation’s recent 12th round of negotiations with the US on Vietnam’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The young Democratic Republic of Vietnam faced numerous difficulties and found itself in especially precarious position as soon as it was established. In that context, President Ho Chi Minh had to handle the most urgent task of protecting national sovereignty on one hand, and on the other hand, initiated the issue of international economic integration with the modus vivendi between the…… [read more]

In the process of international economic integration, a developed country is a country with a highly competitive business community. According to economists, the competitiveness of a business is seen in at least two aspects, its productivity and the living quality of its workers. Thus, a highly competitive company has better productivity and higher living quality among its employees. In reality, the Vietnamese business community has not formulated strong competitive power. According to a survey carried out by the authors of the Scientific Thesis 2012 of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), entitled “Impacts of international economic integration five years…… [read more]

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