$542mn lost from cyber-attacks in 2017

Cyber-attacks, including the rise of ransomware, cost Vietnamese users some VND12.3 trillion (542.8 million) last year, according to a report from leading local online security firm the Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Center (BKAV). 2017 saw strong attacks from ransomware and malware containing cryptocurrency mining tools, causing losses that were up more than 18 per cent from 2016, the Hanoi-based company reported. “It is expected that Vietnam will continue to face malware attacks, such as ransomware and malware containing crypto-mining tools,” BKAV said. The results were calculated from BKAV’s network security assessment in December, implying that losses from viruses in Vietnam reached record levels in recent years. 2017 saw a surge in cryptocurrencies worldwide, prompting hackers to strengthen their network attacks on computers to turn them into crypto-mining tools. There are two popular attacks, including taking advantage of website flaws and of social networks to spread viruses. Hackers often choose websites with a high number of users to install malware containing cryptocurrency mining tools. When people access those websites, the malware is activated. As more than 40 per cent of websites in Vietnam have flaws, they will be the targets of hackers in spreading malware. Hackers also spread the virus through social networks. On December 19, malware broke out on Facebook in Vietnam, with BKAV’s figures showing that over 23,000 computers in the country were infected with malware. It also showed that the virus will be strengthened through Facebook, email, an operating system’s flaws, or a USB in the time to… [Read full story]


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