‘Ao dai’ – ageless beauty of the traditional Vietnamese dress

If one was to take a poll on the hottest fashion trends during Tet, the ao dai would most likely win. Tet, or Lunar New Year, is the biggest holiday season in Vietnam, and a time when the country enjoys long days off to observe its arrival. Celebrations often start about two weeks prior to the event, with shops flamboyantly decorated with red ornaments, and bright yellow apricot blossoms and peach flowers, the symbols of Tet in southern and northern Vietnam respectively. A Vietnamese woman dressed in a modern style of ao dai. Photo: Tuoi Tre Vietnamese women’s habit of wearing the ao dai on this festive occasion can be attributed to it being hassle-free to put on, as well as its ability to deliver instant charm to the wearer. Typically made from silk or brocade, the ao dai boasts a tasteful and time-honored design that elegantly highlights the graceful curves of a woman’s body. While younger wearers can opt for more brightly colored and modern designs, more mature women can always fit themselves with a classic round-neck ao dai that highlights their stature and class. A middle-aged woman is adorned with the traditional ao dai. Photo: Tuoi Tre Few other traditional costumes are blessed with the practicality and flexibility of the ao dai. The stunning gown can be worn by high school students, office workers and civil servants without restricting their performance. After falling out of favor for a long time, the men’s ao dai has returned in recent… [Read full story]


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