APPF-26: Partnership for peace, innovation and sustainable development

* APPF-26: Transmitting an image of renovated Vietnamese National Assembly The APPF made its debut on March 15, 1993 with the aim of building trust among parliaments in the region via the enhancement of dialogues between parliamentarians in the Asia-Pacific region, thereby contributing to regional peace, stability and prosperity. To date, the APPF has become an important inter-parliamentary forum, with the participation of 27 member parliaments, including many powers such as the United States (US), Russia, China, Japan, Canada and Australia. Especially, in the current context of extensive globalisation, together with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, the APPF has demonstrated its role as a crucial dialogue and cooperation mechanism among countries in the region, manifested through some main points as follows: Firstly, as a representative body that directly reflects voters’ voice, the parliament can exchange and hold dialogues with the intergovernmental cooperation mechanism in order to ensure that the public opinion is taken into account in the implementation of foreign policy. Therefore, the APPF cooperative mechanism contributes significantly to expanding the formalism of countries’ foreign policy, whilst acting as a place to show the voters’ voice and wishes on specific policy issues. Secondly, the APPF offers a platform for parliamentarians in the region to meet, discuss and seek new approaches to address issues of regional nations’ concern or the differences that can scarcely be handled by countries’ Governments via other channels of cooperation. Through the APPF mechanism, countries in the region can find appropriate cooperative solutions. Thirdly, parliaments’ deeper… [Read full story]


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