The Hanoitimes – KitchenHub for Bees (BeeHub) is expected to operate a multi-point system that can gather start-ups to simplify operation, lower cost for products. Providing comprehensive solution Established in May 2016, BeeHub has been supporting start-ups for food and foodstuffs through the sharing of space, kitchen, food, marketing and transportation cost to optimize operating cost. With this mechanism, start-ups participating in the system only need to focus on processed formulas and products introduced to the market, easy to set up the appropriate price.     Ms. Nguyen Thi Diem Hang with BeeHub staff According to Chairwoman of BeeHub Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Diem Hang, looking at the start-up market, finding that start-ups faced many difficulties in solving inventories, transportation, raw material, location, partner, shipper, BeeHub wants to build a shared infrastructure. “It can be seen that BeeHub was born as a shared solution running the same chain of production at the lowest cost. BeeHub provides a cost-effective, comprehensive solution based on a shared model – the new trend of current startups,” Hang said.Controling start-ups with food safety   Nguyen Thi Diem Hang with staff when cooking Mexican food In fact, for each hub, BeeHub applies the standard process, to replicate the model. In particular, BeeHub controls startup with food safety. All Beehub start-ups are subject to BeeHub’s safety regulations. Next time, BeeHub will continue to open new space, close to the needs of customers. Upgrading the application and adding more features in sales, management such as counting customers in and… [Read full story]


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