Chongqing (China)-Hanoi direct route announced

A Chongqing Airlines aircraft. Photo: The flight departs from Chongqing at 9:15am (local time) and returns to Chongqing from Hanoi at 2:45pm (local time) the same day, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Chinese airline operates flights to Hanoi by Airbus 320 aircraft, expecting to welcome aboard an average of 150 passengers each flight. Chongqing Airlines provides domestic passenger services in mainland China. It is jointly owned by China Southern Airlines and Chongqing Municipal Development and Investment Company. In recent years, the airline has expanded its services overseas with flights connecting Chongqing and major cities in the region, including Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand), and Singapore. Source: VNA Translated by Chung Anh


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