Companies to allow staff to watch U23 team play

Many companies in Vietnam have decided to give their employees a half day off today, January 23, to watch the Vietnam U23 team play an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U23 Championship semi-final match against Qatar.Following a proposal from employees, Nguyen Thanh Trung, director of Khanh An Investment and Service Company, allowed them to be off from work this afternoon to watch the match. Thousands of people rushed to streets to mark the victory of U23 squad in the quarterfinals against Iraq Trung also said that if the Vietnamese team wins in the match, the whole company would not have to work on the next day to celebrate the victory. Those who do not want to see the match can work as usual. “I myself and many at the company have a great passion for football, so we’re very excited for the match,” Trung added. The company has even prepared a big screen for the staff to watch the event. Another firm in Ha Dong District, Hanoi, has even more extreme plans. The management are so fanatical that they clearly stated that anyone who does not cheer the team would be fined a day’s salary. All of the employees have been asked to be present at the company’s headquarters early this afternoon and a big screen, sound system and light food have been prepared for the event. “Whatever the result, we’ll hold a party after it ends to congratulate the achievement of the Vietnamese team in this tournament,” the decision says.Employees… [Read full story]


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