Cravings for rare food specialties increase in lead-up to Lunar New Year

Residents in Ho Chi Minh City have shown a greater desire for a variety of specialty food produced domestically and imported from other Asian countries as the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Tet, approaches.   It is a customary practice to purchase food, especially meat, to process or store before the Tet holidays, due in three weeks. During the Lunar New Year period, markets and food shops do not typically open. During this festive period, people consume special products not enjoyed on ordinary days, explaining why the demand for specialty foods increases during this time period. The demand for local food specialties has also steadily risen.   Nguyen Minh Dien, manager of the Ba Mien restaurant in District 10, stated that “about sixty or seventy percent of goods recently purchased are diverse specialties from a number of regions in Vietnam.” A three- or fourfold surge is expected in the lead-up to the Lunar New Year. He added that the products range widely, from dried shrimp, dried buffalo meat to dried meat of nhai – a type of long-legged frog, selling for no less than VND500,000 (US$22) per kilogram. Dien also projected that these specialty dishes are likely to be in short supply as many larger food companies have purchased them wholesale. A common present during the national holiday is the Tet gift basket, which is usually made of bamboo and includes items like wine, traditional fruit preserves and sausages. According to Luong Vu Trong Nghia, manager of the… [Read full story]


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