Cyber security threat to persist in 2018

(Photo: VNA)   Hanoi (VNA) – Cyber security will continue to be a ‘hot topic’ this year, demanding theattention of technology experts.   Accordingto statistics of the Information Security Department under the Ministry ofInformation and Communications, 95 percent of issues related to informationsecurity are caused by human negligence.   Recently,passwords of more than 1.4 billion e-mail accounts in the world have beendisclosed. The Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) analysed andfound some 438,000 accounts in Vietnam, of which some 930 had the governmentdomain name, “”.   At ayear-end meeting on information security-related issues last year, Deputy Minister of Information and communications Nguyen Thanh Hung said the situationof information security would continue to be complicated in 2018.   Notably,hackers would use smarter technologies, including artificial intelligence. Inaddition to this, cyber attacks would become increasingly dangerous and moredifficult to detect as hackers were likely to use advanced threats to paralysenational infrastructure, Hung said.   He alsopointed out one of the main reasons for information insecurity was low levelsof awareness.   Thecomplexity of information technology depends on the variety of devices beingused, with many users in organisations and businesses using personal devices,according to Hung.   If theydo not have security solutions, the risk to their information will be implicitright in the mobile device itself.   Currently,with the development of technology and high speed of transmission lines, thenumber of internet users in the country has increased rapidly.   Butusers’ perception of information security is low. A majority of Vietnamesepeople do not have the habit… [Read full story]


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