Da Nang’s My Khe beach suffers severe coastal erosion

Severe coastal erosion and land subsidence are posing an immediate threat to the world-famous My Khe beach in the resort city of Da Nang in central Vietnam, with experts blaming overexploitation of groundwater along the coast. Areas along the ten-kilometer My Khe beach have become badly eroded, with the sea encroaching on what was once a broad, sandy beach by up to 15 meters, damaging construction and buildings that sit close to the water’s edge. Just five kilometers from the center of Da Nang, My Khe was voted among the six most beautiful beaches on the planet by American business magazine Forbes in 2013, thanks to its azure skies, smooth white sands, elegant slopes, as well as year-round warm water and gentle waves. These natural assets may soon be a thing of the past as erosion and sea encroachment continue to take their toll on what is a tropical paradise. “Our restaurant used to look onto a wide, sandy beach that stretched a dozen meters or more from the water’s edge. We used to be able to hold beach parties and weddings for our customers,” said Vo Thuy Tien, manager of a seaside restaurant on Vo Nguyen Giap Street. “That beach no longer exists. Now the waves come so close to our restaurant that they have worn away the building’s foundation and damaged the electronics,” Tien added. She said they had been forced to use large rocks to fortify the area’s foundation, but it had not stopped water from encroaching… [Read full story]


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