Dak Lak border guards teach reading

VietNamNet Bridge – Two former border guard officers have opened a class for students of all ages in the border area of Ea Sup District in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak, helping local ethnic minority people escape from illiteracy. Lu Thi Sang, 58, lives in La Rve Commune in the district. She said that when the sun goes down, she finishes all her housework to go to the evening class taught by Pham Van Hieu, deputy chief of the Ea H’leo border-guard station, and Lieutenant Hoang Van Tho. She grabbed some school books and her ballpoint pen and stepped quickly into the classroom. At class, as she practised writing, she looked focused and serious. “All my life I have worked on farming and raising children to get them through school,” she told the Lao dong (Labour) newspaper. “When life is stable, I started learning to write. I have to know the face of the letters so that I can sign administrative papers at State office.” At 7pm, 30 students of all ages turned entered the classroom, noisily discussing the alphabet they had learned in the previous lesson. Two middle-aged teachers in the border guard uniform went into the classroom. Teachers were Hieu and Tho. After about 15 minutes, a male student hurried into the classroom. After being reprimanded for lateness, Bang Sinh Kien, 26, the only male student in the class, said he was late because he was busy putting his son going to bed. “My hometown is… [Read full story]


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