Danger lurks in every cup of milk tea in Vietnam’s major cities

A massive amount of milk tea in Vietnam’s major cities is produced using fake ingredients, with health specialists agreeing that these unidentified additives only contribute to other side-effects of long-term milk tea consumption, such as obesity, kidney failure, and even infertility. The milk tea craze is sweeping the country, leaving locals of all age groups and professional backgrounds flocking in droves to the growing number of vendors popping up throughout Vietnam to satisfy its cravings for the sugary drink. Milk tea has distinct varieties spread throughout various Asian cultures, but in Vietnam, the sweet drink typically refers to the famed Hong Kong bubble, or boba, tea – a mixture of a juice and chewy pearls. Unfortunately, businesses trying to make a fast buck on the fad are resorting to ingredients of unknown quality or origin to boost their profits. Hang Buom Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter has long been a wholesale hub for milk tea ingredients. The vast majority of products sold on the street are of unknown origin, but that has not stopped customers from purchasing the dubious ingredients in vast quantities. A Hanoi market watchdog recently reported two cases of massive quantities of ingredients of unknown origin being sold on the street, with thousands of fake and unlabelled plastic bags of ingredients already prepped for distribution. In Ho Chi Minh City, some shop owners in Binh Tay Market, District 6, shared tips online for milk tea sellers seeking out shortcuts to elevating their profits. A large milk tea… [Read full story]


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