Doctors warn against consumption of infected pork

VietNamNet Bridge – Doctors have advised people not to consume the meat of sick pigs, following the death of one person who ate infected pork. Another person is in critical condition. Nguyen Trung Cap, head of the Emergency Department at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases (CHTD), said the department received two patients infected with the parasite Trichinella. The patients hailed from Lai Chau Province and were brought to the hospital after suffering from exhaustion and painful muscles. They could not swallow anything and found it difficult to speak, he said. Despite being treated at the intensive care with specific treatment, one of the patients died from cardiac arrest after being hospitalised for two days. “The other patient is still being treated. He has suffered respiratory failure and is unable to eat due to sore throat,” Cap said, adding that the patient has lost 10kg in just a few days. According to the patients’ relatives, the family had slaughtered a sick pig early last month. They prepared tiet canh (a delicacy with raw pig’s blood) and a dish with uncooked pork. After five days, five men in the family complained of stomachache, diarrhoea, high fever and severe pain in the muscles. The patients underwent treatment at local hospitals for five days, but their condition worsened. Two of them were later transferred to CHTD. According to Cap, helminthiasis in humans is caused by a roundworm named Trichinella, which is present in many animals. People who eat raw or undercooked poultry are… [Read full story]


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