Dong Nai aims to fulfill new-style rural area building in 2018

This year, Dong Nai strives to have additional nine communes and three district levels recognized as new-style rural areas To realize the target, Dong Nai will fulfill the national program on building new-style rural areas with all 133 communes and 11 districts and townships of the province gaining the title. Currently, 124 communes and eight districts are recognized as new style rural areas. To accelerate the building of new rural areas in the remote localities of Tan Phu and Dinh Quan districts, local authorities will continue to mobilize the involvement of people in the effort in order to build the transport system, schools and medical stations. The province will maintain and upgrade criteria that Dong Nai met, ensuring sustainability in socio-economic and cultural development, and form concentrated growing and breeding areas and work towards commercial, modern and sustainable agricultural production. In 2017, average income per capita in Dong Nai’s rural areas reached over 47.6 million VND (2,096 USD), up four million VND against the previous year. The rate of poor households in the province is 0.31 percent, a decline of 0.89 percent compared to early 2017. Source: VNA


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