Doosan Vina and Chung Ang University Hospital carry out fifth CSR programme in Quang Ngai

The fifth edition of the South Korean giant’s corporate social responsibility programme provides learning activities designed to develop the creativity of young children as well as house maintenance for the poor and elderly in Quang Ngai. Education, along with healthcare and housing, is one of the three core initiatives of Doosan Vina’s extensive CSR programmes. This year’s lessons will feature learning activities designed to develop the creativity of young children. Chung Ang University students from Korea will be teaching calligraphy and how to fold birds, flowers, and other natural wonders through the creative use of special papers. The educational activities will take place at three schools and involve approximately 1,000 students in the central province of Quang Ngai. The three schools are Tinh Tho 2 Primary School, Binh Hoa Primary School, and Son Tan Primary School. In addition to the education aspect of this CSR programme, the volunteers will work to clean and renovate the houses of the poor and elderly and launch a “Beach Clean Up” programme to draw attention to the need of proper waste disposal and recycling. The Doosan and CAU volunteers will repair two homes in Binh Thuan Commune and then begin their third project by moving to Binh Thuan Beach to collect waste washed ashore from the sea. Choi Myeong, head of Chung Ang Group said, “I am honoured to be here with the Korean students to carry out these worthwhile programmes and we will do our best to help local pupils and improve the lives of residents… [Read full story]


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