Experiences to try at Vietnamese Ao Dai Space

Situated on No. 18 Au Co road, Hanoi, Lanhuong Fashion House is a Vietnamese Ao Dai Space telling a dramatic story about the Vietnamese tradditional long dress. Right from the entrance sees yellow silk coils decorated everywhere as the affirmation of activity criteria of Lanhuong Fashion House that is towards tradition, cultural identity. Reeling artificer Visitors to the Vietnamese Ao Dai Space can learn the process of making Ao Dai from A to Z. The closed production process includes ideas, design, production, sewing workshop, embroidery workshop. King customer also have the opportunity to learn the process of making a silk cloth, the main raw material to create the dress of artisan Lan Huong, including raising silkworms, pulling yarn, weaving fabric. Besides, there are shops introducing the products such as conial hats of Chuong village, embroidery, silver carved accessories, etc. created by artisans who have the same love with Ao Dai from typical traditional craft villages.  Frame loom And thanks to the combination of delicate accessories ordered from the leading Vietnamese artisans, Ao Dai of designer Lan Huong which has reached sophistication, elegance and high class in style has contributed to honor the figure beauty of Vietnamese women. In addition, coming to the Vietnamese Ao Dai Space, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the most elaborate dresses of artisan Lan Huong at the second floor of Lanhuong Fashion House.   Van Phuc silk is often used to make Ao Dai by artisan Lan Huong Lanhuong Fashion House space is extremely… [Read full story]


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