Experts suggest red maples may be unsuitable for Hanoi

Several experts have raised their concerns over the plantation of red maple trees on Hanoi streets. At a conference on tree development in Hanoi on January 13, municipal Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said that Hanoi wanted to grow one million trees by 2020, aiming to raise the number of trees to 8 square metres per capita. Red maple trees grown on Tran Duy Hung Street Chung added that Hanoi has planted red maple trees on several local streets namely Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lang Ha and Tran Duy Hung. He hoped that the tree developed well in Hanoi. Nguyen Thi Man, a local resident who lives on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, said that “I support the plantation of the tree in Hanoi. I saw them when I travelled to South Korea. They are very nice and particularly its smell is more comfortable than that of milk flowers”. According to a representative from Duc Loc Ltd Co. which imports trees, there are different kinds of red maple trees and many of them can survive in the temperatures found in northern Vietnam. He noted that the tree prices depend on different size with VND500-700,000 (USD22.7-31.8) for a small tree and more than VND10 million a bigger tree. Agricultural expert Nguyen Lan Hung said that during his recent visit to China, he saw that this kind of tree is grown in many Chinese provinces which are quite similar to Vietnam. “I don’t know which kinds of red maple tree will be grown in Hanoi,… [Read full story]


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