Eye to the future

The technology boom of recent times has, generally, had a positive impact around the world. There are now increasingly intelligent robots supporting and interacting with people, and one young engineer in Vietnam, Truong Trong Toai, created the ROBOT 3T startup to turn the dream of a “Made in Vietnam robot” into reality. Solution for SMEs Mr. Toai told VET that his idea came to him during his first year at university. Though he received a scholarship in South Korea he decided to conduct research on robotics. Established at the end of 2014, ROBOT 3T was founded to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam’s manufacturing sector, to improve their competitiveness through technological innovation. “With the limited potential of SMEs, many don’t have sufficient capital to invest in expensive robotics,” he said, “ROBOT 3T is focused on resolving this problem by providing highly efficient and suitable robot solutions for SMEs.” Though robotics has become increasingly common in developed countries, it remains something of a novelty in Vietnam. The ROBOT 3T team has therefore had to cope with a host of challenges. The first matter Mr. Toai touched on is initial capital. Research and development (R&D) investment costs are high, so ROBOT 3T has been flexible in raise capital from many channels.  One thing in ROBOT 3T’s favor is that domestic enterprises are generally very supportive and willing to use domestic technology. After three years of operations, ROBOT3T has clearly defined its target customers as being SMEs and… [Read full story]


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