Fight against corruption should be sped up: Party chief

CPV General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the event (Source: VNA)   Hanoi (VNA) – General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)Central Committee Nguyen Phu Trong has stated that the fight against corruptionshould be continuously sped up with higher determination, perseverance andefficiency this year. During the13th session of the Central Steering Committee on CorruptionPrevention and Control in Hanoi on January 22, the Party chief, who is alsohead of the committee, lauded achievements in the effort in 2017, saying thesehave strengthened public trust. A number oflegal documents on administration decentralisation, personnel appointment androtation were issued while inspection and supervision were strengthened,thereby proposing reclamation of trillions of VND to the State budget. Thecommittee launched eight groups to inspect investigation and prosecution ofserious and complicated economic and corruption cases that caught public concernin 20 localities. Inspectors, auditors, ministries and agencies concerned workedclosely and effectively together to uncover violations, which affirmed theParty and State’s determination in the fight. About keytasks this year, Trong asked for hastening the process of refining mechanismson socio-economic management and corruption prevention and control, launchingmore communications campaigns to raise public awareness of laws, fightingwrongful and distorted allegations, and resolutely filtering out depraved,corrupted personnel, particularly those working in anti-corruption agencies.He requestedthat serious and complicated corruption and economic cases, especially thoseunder the watch of the committee, need to be accelerated. Meanwhile, it is alsonecessary to strengthen inspecting and auditing fields where there are opinionsabout their negatives, corruption and wastefulness. Head of theCPV’s Commission for Internal Affairs and permanent deputy head… [Read full story]


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