First seafood batch of 2018 shipped abroad

The batch included three containers of frozen shrimp, sea fish and tra fish fillet at a total value of nearly 600,000 USD. The goods were exported to Canada, the US and the UK – three major traditional markets of Vietnamese seafood. The goods were exported to Canada, the US and the UK. According to VASEP President Ngo Van Ich, in 2017, the aquatic sector overcame many difficulties in materials and markets to fulfill its export target of 8.3 billion USD, heading to the goal of 10 billion USD in 2020. Meanwhile, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong hailed the sector’s efforts in 2017 to surpass the milestone of 8 billion USD in export turnover for the first time. This year, the sector is expected to create a new milestone in export value, exceeding the set target of 8.5 billion USD, he noted. The minister asked the sector to focus on developing promising markets such as Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and China. Enterprises should improve the quality and design of their products to create more added value and build trademark for Vietnamese seafood in the world market, he added. Source: VNA


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