Foreigners share ideas on helping those suffering depression

Foreigners answer a call for submissions made by Tuoi Tre News on how best to help those who suffer from depression following several heart-wrenching mental illness-related incidents led by late treatment. Take care of your loved ones In my opinion, involving the family with helping their loved ones is a basic solution for preventing depression. Once depression does happen, the impacts can be unexpected. To prevent it, we should show care and love to our family members, friends, colleagues, and coworkers by supporting them, listening to them, and giving them a hand when they are in need. People should promise themselves that they will not leave their loved ones alone. Love among family members can protect against anxiety and depression.  Tanasak Phosrikun in a photo he supplied to Tuoi Tre News In Thailand’s daily newspapers, I see that depression has led to such tragedies as violence between husbands and wives when one is jealous of the other or during a divorce or breakup. These situations have sometimes gone so far as to end in murder or suicide. For young people with depression, drugs are likely to become a solution to their problems which, in turn, can lead to more negative impacts on society. In Thailand, the ministry of social development and human security runs a youth counseling program for young people who don’t want to be counseled by their parents or teachers. The ministry of social development and human security has also created the Prachabodhi Center to help battered children… [Read full story]


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