France marks third anniversary of Charlie Hebdo attack

(Photo: Reuters) Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, members of her government and journalists from the magazine were in attendance, as the names of the victims were read out. On January 7th, 2015, two French-born brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi opened fire, killing 11 people inside the building as well as a Muslim policeman outside, and injuring 11 others. The assault profoundly shocked France and marked the beginning of a series of jihadist attacks that have claimed 241 lives in total, according to AFP. “We must never forget these terrible days,” Francois Hollande, President at the time of the attacks, wrote on Facebook, while saying France could be “proud” of its reaction to the bloodshed. The magazine pays between USD1.2-1.8 million in security costs annually to protect its offices which are at a secret location, its editor Riss wrote./.


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