Government leader applauds UN’s assistance in nutrition issue

At a reception for UN Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Gerda Verburg on January 31 in Hanoi, PM Phuc said Vietnamese Party and State always pay heed to nutrition improvement to increase stature, fitness and intelligence of Vietnamese people. Gerda Verburg, who is also Assistant to the UN Secretary-General praised the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) for issuing a resolution and the Prime Minister for promulgating a decree on nutrition, which demonstrate the due attention and the vision of the country’s leaders to this issue. Based on experience of countries in the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement, The UN official suggested Vietnam build a high-level mechanism to help the Health Ministry fulfill its nutrition related tasks and call for public involvement and all resources from the entire society to achieve nutrition targets in remote areas. In addition, there should be more dialogues between the government and the private sector to receive their support and bolster international cooperation on this issue, she noted.  PM Phuc told his guest that the Government’s programmes have been launched to improve nutrition and physical strength for ethnic minority people, and incentivize the participation of the private economic sector in socio-economic development, including in nutrition improvement. He expressed his hope that the UN will continue providing financial and technical assistance for Vietnam in this regard.


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