Hanoi constricts Uber and Grab operations

Hanoi will request ride-hailing application providers Uber and Grab to publicise their fares like traditional taxi brands. Uber and Grab cars are banned from 13 streets in Hanoi This was announced by Vu Van Vien, director of the Hanoi Department of Transportation, at the conference on the missions of the transport sector for 2018, according to newswire Zing.vn. Vien added that Hanoi put up traffic signs banning under-nine-seat transportation cars using technology applications to provide services to customers from roads that are off-limits to traditional taxis. The ban is piloted on 13 streets on January 11- February 11. On the first days the ban is issued, drivers will only receive a warning if caught red-handed. After the grace period, they will have to pay fines. Vien stated that the purpose of the above decision is to create a fair playground for both ride-hailing application providers and traditional taxis. The ban will be effective for one month after which the transport department will survey residents. If the majority of the residents agree with the pilot programme, the department will extend the ban. Numerous Uber and Grab drivers expressed concerns about the impact of this ban on their jobs. Son, an Uber taxi driver, said that he was surprised to see the signs in front of Viet Duc Hospital at Phu Doan Street, where he often drives passengers. Besides, Minh Duc, another Uber taxi driver with two years of experience on the job, said that the ban will reduce the number of… [Read full story]


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