Indonesia: alternative financing key to infrastructure development

Indonesian National Development Planning Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro (Photo: Jakarta (VNA) – The Non-Government Budget Investment Financing (PINA) isneeded for Indonesian to develop infrastructure, said National DevelopmentPlanning Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro.Brodjonegoronoted PINA will help reduce the burden on the state budget, which has beenlimited so far, to encourage development.He expectedthe involvement of long-term funds in PINA, such as pension funds and lifeinsurance, for the effective management and utilization of infrastructurefinancing.Variousfinancial instruments to support the PINA scheme are also being prepared, suchas Perpetual Bonds with a very long tenure, which not only supportsinfrastructure development but also increases interest in the capital market.Indonesiahad 34 planned infrastructure projects using the PINA scheme as of December2017, including 19 projects in toll road, four in aviation, 10 in powergeneration and transmission, and one in tourism. These projects cost 348.2trillion Rp (25.8 billion USD) in total.A number ofPINA’s projects, including 15 Waskita toll roads and the KertajatiInternational Airport, have reached financial close.-VNA


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