Japanese special advisor welcomed in Hanoi

Chinh told his guest that both nations need to strengthen friendship exchanges in osbervance of the 45th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties (1973-2018), especially the Vietnam-Japan Cultural Festival in HCM City. Chinh, who is also President of the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Parliamentarians’ Group, said he welcomes a delegation from the Japanese Lower House of Parliament to the 26th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF-26) in Hanoi from January 18-21. He described 2018- when both nations celebrate the 45th anniversary of their diplomatic ties – as a milestone in the bilateral relations with breakthroughs across politics, economy, culture, education and people-to-people exchange.Chinh said the Vietnamese Government will work hand in hand with its Japanese counterpart to successfully develop the Vietnam – Japan University through project acceleration measures.For his part, Tsutomu Takebe said a range of practical activities are underway in Japan to mark the 45th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties, adding that the Japanese Lower House of Parliament will send a delegation to the APPF – 26 in Vietnam.|He expressed hope that the Vietnam – Japan University will get the best possible support from the host country to finalize the project on schedule as committed by the two governments.


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