Kien Giang works to address salinity intrusion

Nguyen Huynh Trung, Deputy Director of the KienGiang provincial Irrigation Sub-Department said, most of the sluice gates alongwestern coast from Rach Gia city to the border district of Giang Thanh were closedto prevent saltwater intrusion and to keep fresh water for the 2017 – 2018Winter – Spring crop.Meanwhile, 37 others sewers in Tu Giac LongXuyen area (Long Xuyen quadrangle) remain open to reduce pollution in cannelsin Rach Gia city and discharge flood in Hon Dat district.Besides, the construction of dams in key cannelswithout irrigation works is urged to prevent saltwater intrusion into fieldsand keep fresh water.Irrigation works and cannel dredging projects inTu Giac Long Xuyen area, the western part of Hau River and U Minh ThuongNational Park have been accelerated.The monitoring of water level and saltwaterintrusion developments has been strengthened so that localities and residentscan well prepare for their rice crops and aquaculture.-VNA


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