Landslide threaten lives, crop of Thua-Thien Hue residents

Landslides have occurred along the riverbank dike section in the province’s Quang Dien district, threatening 1,000ha of land in the villages of Tan Xuan Lai, La Van Thuong, Niem Pho and Phuoc Yen in Quang Tho commune. Tran Phu Hien, a resident in Niem Pho village said landslides had been a problem since some four years ago but the situation deteriorated after floods in November last year. “The landslide site is expanding day by day, worrying nearby locals,” he said. A report by authorities in Quang Tho commune said the landslides happened across 900m of the riverbank. Hoang Cong Phong, Chairman of Quang Tho commune’s People’s Committee, said landslides had reduced growing area for Gotu Kola, a plant locals grow. Phong said the commune had reported the situation to higher authorities and used bamboo poles to reinforce the riverbank. In nearby Quang Phu commune, the dike system that helps stop floodwater entering the villages of Pho Nam, Nho Lam, Nam Phu and Nghia Lo collapsed on a total length of 1km. Caves appeared at several places on the earthen dike’s foot, cracking the concrete road that serves as the main route across the villages. Nguyen Quang Quy, a resident in Pho Nam village said the dike will collapse totally if nothing is done. “I’m sure that my house and many others in the village will be washed away in the next flood if the dike collapses,” he said. Residents living near the collapsed section said all they could do was… [Read full story]


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