LO-ANH foundation aids ethnic minority children

The foundation has provided the school children with new shoes, clothes, blankets, mattresses and mats to keep them warm in the freezing cold that has engulfed the province since early this year. Established in May 2016, the LO-ANH Foundation has undertaken 12 educational projects to date, including the construction and extension of many kindergartens, schools and boarding houses as well as providing financial care to poor ethnic children in the remotest areas in Ha Giang and Cao Bang provinces. The LO-ANH foundation was founded by Isabelle Muller, a German woman with Vietnamese roots. “LO-ANH Foundation (Loan Stiftung) is the brainchild of two very different life experiences: my own and my mother’s,” Muller said. “In the 1930s, my mother Loan (Lo-Anh) was not allowed to attend school because she was a girl. Inquisitive and determined, and in search of freedom and happiness, she risked her life for an education. In 1955, she left her war-torn country (Vietnam). But even in France, her new home, she was subject to discrimination and hostility because of the color of her skin. Despite living in abject poverty, she raised her five children, always emphasizing education was a great privilege.” Isabelle Muller and students of the elementary school in Vo Thau Chai, Hoang Su Phi district in Ha Giang province As Loan’s youngest child, Muller had strong memories of those tough times when they had no beds and were treated cold-heartedly by other people because they were poor. She remembered it being difficult for them to… [Read full story]


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