Local artist welcomes Friends of Vietnam Heritage to revamped Mirror House

NDO – Painter Nguyen Thu Thuy had a talk on January 15 with members of the Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) about the renovated Mirror House in central Hanoi’s Thong Nhat Park and her other ceramics projects. Known for her lead role in the ceramic mosaic mural along the Red River dyke in Hanoi, Thuy came up with an idea to remodel the Mirror House when she discovered the house, built by the former Czechoslovakia in 1979, was in derelict conditions. The mirrors were dull, the walls were peeling and mouldy while the roof was leaky. With the approval of the Hanoi government, Thuy embarked on the project by fitting small ceramic pieces onto the walls of the Mirror House, which reopened on January 1 this year. Painter Nguyen Thu Thuy and members of the Friends of Vietnam Heritage While touring the house, the FVH members, including Renata Greploud, wife of the Czech Ambassador to Vietnam, were fascinated by Thuy’s creativity and stunned by how the Mirror House was completely transformed with ceramic tiles. They showed their admiration for Thuy’s talent, the support of the Hanoi authorities for arts and the cooperation between artists and artisans in creating such as beautiful and meaningful project. The visiting FVF members also expressed their hope for a long-term cooperation with the Vietnamese painter to promote public arts projects in Hanoi so that they could become better known among expats in the capital city as well as foreign visitors.


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