Man faces prosecution for trafficking endangered animals

Police in northern Quảng Ninh Province on Thursday started legal proceedings against a man arrested for trafficking endangered species. Hoàng Đình Quân is arrested for illegally transporting endangered animals. Local police on Wednesday checked a car in Bãi Cháy Ward, Hạ Long City, and found a man illegally transporting five frozen tigers.Hoàng Đình Quân, from central Nghệ An Province, was also found in possession of three pig-tailed macaques (known as Macaca leonine), 30kg of pangolin scales and 20 eyeteeth of predators.The tigers, identified by local authorities as Panthera tigris, are listed as rare and endangered species that are prioritised for protection, while macaques are listed as animals banned from exploitation for trade purposes.Pangolins are also a threatened species faced with extinction. They have suffered rapid decline over the years due to high demand for their meat and scales that are used in traditional medicines. The case is being investigated further.Under current laws, violators of wildlife protection regulations are fined up to VNĐ500 million (US$22,200) or sentenced up to seven years of imprisonment, depending on the severity of their violation.


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