Marching towards national salvation – A valuable and factual documentary

The documentary is unique as the film crew managed to find archived documents as evidence and let the characters tell their own stories, including PM Hun Sen. His private and revolutionary life links closely with the destiny of his nation. The documentary has a significantly important historical role, especially in educating the young generations about the crimes of the Pol Pot genocidal regime as well as Vietnam’s impartial and virtuous assistance to help Cambodia to get rid of that terrible regime. A rare factual documentary The documentary, which is full of factual information, received special attention from the public when it was aired in Cambodia and Vietnam. According to Prof. People’s Educator Vu Duong Ninh of the Hanoi National University, the documentary provided true information told by Hun Sen and his comrades and therefore, it has a significantly objective and true historical value. Cambodian PM Hun Sen in an interview in the documentary “In the documentary, Hun Sen recalled the first two meals that he and his comrades were treated to. The meals illustrated the natural humanitarian spirit of the Vietnamese, which surprised them,” said Prof. Vu Duong Ninh after watching the documentary on the Vietnamese National Defense Channel. Those were the first two meals that Hun Sen and his comrades had after walking through across the jungles into Vietnam; and they were received by the Vietnamese side without inspection, and were humanitarianly treated as other Cambodian refugees had also been. Those were also meals with lots of rice they… [Read full story]


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