Me Van Chinh develops household economy from husbandry

Me Van Chinh started building facilities for cattle and livestock breeding in 1986. At first, he raised pigs for meat, and then for breeding. Chinh’s farm grow sells around 3 tons of pork, bringing a revenue of about 6,600 USD a year. Beside that, his  family also rear cows and buffalo, breed fish, and plant fruit trees, and other crops. Although the price of pigs has dropped dramatically recently, Chinh is still consistent in his work: “I will continue with pig breeding based on my experience and habit. I also keep updated with the news on the radio and TV to prevent market risks”. Many locals have followed Chinh’s pig raising model. Apart from sharing his experience, Chinh supported poor farmers with loans to expand their production. Local farmer Trieu Thi Tho said , a local farmer said with Chinh’s assistance, her family has managed to escape poverty thanks to husbandry: “I have learnt a lot from Chinh the experience in raising pigs and preventing diseases for the cattle. My family has become better off”. Chinh has been appointed the deputy head of the hamlet’s farmers association for 6 consecutive years. Mr. Lo Van Long is the Secretary of Chieng Pan commune’s Party Committee: “Me Van Chinh is active in gaining experience and knowledge on shifting crops and domestic animals. His production model is a successful example for poor farmers to follow”.


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