Media plays an important role in protecting human rights in Vietnam

Media plays an important role in protecting human rights in Vietnam. Photo for illustration Vietnam is a small country on the world map. This is a country that has experienced many wars, embargos and sanctions, and what peace has brought back in recent years is illustrated through the lens of the media and the right to access to information shows that Vietnamese citizens further enjoy human rights and citizens’ rights, all of which are recognized by the international community. The media circle in Vietnam plays an important role in this process. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, by June 2017, the country had 982 registered media agencies, including 193 newspapers, 639 magazines, and 150 online media. The statistics also reveal that over 17,000 journalists were granted press cards. This number of media agencies represent voices of all associations, organizations, professional groups etc., so in short, everyone has a chance to voice their concerns via the mass media. Protecting, ensuring, and struggling in the field of human rights and citizens’ rights are closely monitored by the Party and State. Apart from promoting the role of the National Assembly, Government, and legislative agencies, the role of the media is significantly important. Emphasizing regulations of the Constitution 2013 on human rights, the Law on Media 2016 vividly reflects the relationship between human rights and the right to freedom of the press, and freedom of expression via the media, of each citizen. Meanwhile, it also clearly shows the advantages of the media… [Read full story]


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