More Tet gifts sent to Truong Sa Island

People’s Army Newspaper Online would like introduce some photos of delegation’s activities on the islands. Flag-saluting ceremony on Phan Vinh Island Delivering goods and Tet gifts to the Phan Vinh Island The supplies included essential goods… ….and typical Tet gifts such as kumquat. Head of delegation presenting gifts to troops and a representative from Vinh Phuc pagoda on the Phan Vinh Island Presenting gifts to troops on An Bang Island Transferring goods on the An Bang Island …Nui Le Island…. ….and Thuyen Chai Island Exchange program in the islands of Phan Vinh, Toc Tan, Nui Le Head of “For the sea and island” club giving gifts and letters of students to troops in Tien Nu Island and the An Bang Island  Translated by Lam Anh


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