Want to develop, electric cars need a whole new battery technology

Illustrative image (Source: VNA)HCM City (VNA) - With companiessuch as Grab or Uber, it’s never been easier to summon a motorbike taxi (xeom).Motorbike taxi services are used not only bytech-savvy riders of any age but also by many millennials who love having aconvenient ride home amid rush-hour traffic.Compared to traditional xe om services,GrabBike and UberMoto offer more benefits, including reasonable prices,convenient booking, cleaner helmets, transparent receipts and no bargaining.“I feel safer when I know who’s giving me a ridein advance – what their name is and how they look and what their bike platesare,” Tran Quy, 24, a frequent user of UberMoto, told Vietnam…... [read more]
A woman in Ha Noi has an interesting job. She travels all over the city to deliver things to people. Sometimes people can be a bit nasty to her and tell her they do not wish to buy what she has especially travelled to their homes to sell to them. However, she finds it a good way to make money. A shipper transports goods to customers in HCM City. A shipper is now considered a hot job for young people and motorbike drivers. - Photo giaohangnhanhhcm.com by Hang Nguyen HA NOI (VNS) — Vu Thanh Quy, 22, a student of…... [read more]
Mang thông điệp “Đam mê hội ngộ”, quy tụ 18 thương hiệu xe hơi danh tiếng và 100 gian hàng phụ trợ, Triển lãm Vietnam Motorshow 2014 (VMS) chính là dấu son chói lọi đánh dậu 1 năm cực kì thành công của ngành công nghiệp ôtô Việt Nam. VMS 2014 sẽ diễn ra từ ngày 19/11 đến 23/11, tại Trung tâm Hội nghị và Triển lãm Sài Gòn (SECC), TP. Hồ Chí Minh. Triển lãm sẽ mở cửa đón công chúng hàng ngày từ 9h00 đến 18h00 và kéo dài từ ngày 20/11 đến ngày 23/11/2014. Thông tin về sẽ liên…... [read more]
A shipper transports goods to customers in HCM City. A shipper is now considered a hot job for young people and motorbike drivers. — Photo giaohangnhanhhcm.com by Hang NguyenHA NOI (VNS) — Vu Thanh Quy, 22, a student of Thang Long University, works part-time job as a deliverywoman, locally called as "shipper" in Ha Noi, for a cell phone case shop in Ha Noi's Nguyen Hong Street.Her job over the past few months has given her interesting experiences."I learned how to earn pocket money, how to navigate the shortest route to most places in the capital and how to communicate…... [read more]
Two days later, we totally liberated Da Nang city. On March 31 morning, the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee held a large meeting. This historical meeting discussed the third and last strategic attack in the General Offensive and Uprisings in spring 1975. The meeting assessed the situation, “We are better than the enemy in terms of strategies and military and political force. Even if the US reinforces the Saigon regime, it cannot be saved from collapse”. The Political Bureau confirmed its determination to launch a general offensive at an earliest time and conclude it in April 1975. The…... [read more]
by Van DatThree years ago, he was named the youngest translator in Viet Nam. Now, when the student of the Le Quy Don Primary School in Ha Noi turns 11, he is setting yet another national record as the youngest ever author of an autobiography.In his new, bilingual, 199-page book called To Da Hoc Tieng Anh Nhu The Nao? (How did I Learn English?), Nam tells the story of how he became a published translator just two years after he began learning English.Eight-year-old Do Nhat Nam had grabbed headlines with his translations of two books for children – Mat Troi…... [read more]
Grand Ho Tram Strip - photo source internet Grand Ho Tram Strip wins award The Grand Ho Tram Strip resort and casino in Ba Ria-Vung Tau has won the 2015 Luxury Travel Guide Award for luxury hotel and spa of the year in Viet Nam and the Business Destinations Travel Award for best luxury hotel in Viet Nam. Its president, Michael Kelly, said it has also won another international prize without revealing details. The Luxury Travel Guide Award is judged by an international panel of hospitality industry veterans and professionals for the Luxury Travel Guide, a UK-based publication. The Business…... [read more]
Snow began flurrying in the beloved resort town around 12:30 am on Sunday, and fell intermittently and even thickened during the previous night.Vehicles, vegetation and roofs in the area were coated with blankets of snow.Temperatures kept plummeting and plunged to as low as minus two degrees Celsius at certain points.Delighted youths and tourists stayed awake all night to behold the whiteout and frolic in the snow.A snow wave also hit Sa Pa in late December 2013, when the temperature there fell to two degrees Celsius in O Quy Ho and zero degree in the Nui Xe mountain area. Icy mountain…... [read more]
This is the third year that authorities in the central city have planned to dole out Tet largesse. Last year cycle driver Tran Van Phuc, 50, of Hai Chau district was among those who received 250,000 VND in cash. “The amount was not big but it was equal to one month’s saving for me.It helped buy new clothes for our children and some food and wine toworship our ancestors during Tet,” he recalled. Xe om (motorbike-taxi) driver Quy is another who received money which helped him have a simple but joyful festival. But migrant workers will not benefit. Quy said:…... [read more]
A poor couple from the Xe Dang ethnic minority in Kon Tum Province is calling for financial support to cure their child's strange skin disease. Severe skin lesions  The one-year-old boy, A Phung, is being treated at the ICU Department of Quy Hoa National Leprosy and Dermatology Hospital in Binh Dinh Province. His mother, Y Ao, said, "He's had this disease since he was six months old. He can't sleep because of the pain. We've borrowed money and brought him to hospital in Kon Tum Province many times but just when it looked like he was cured, the disease returned."…... [read more]