MWG and TAG opened doors for further M&A

High time to withdraw MWG’s purchase of TAG has been official completed after MWG spent VND850 billion ($37.4 million) buying 23.6 million shares, equalling 95 per cent of TAG’s charter capital. According to TAG founder Tran Xuan Kien, the decision to sell came from his expectations of change in the electronic retail market through the impact of e-commerce. This is the second breakthrough of Kien as well as the Board of Directors of TAG after the decision to change the operation model of TAG from computer to electronics retail. Notably, after the successful appearance of iPhone in 2007, the TAG Board of Directors expected that the smart phone will grow more and more and meet almost all customer demand of checking emails or surfing the web that at the time only computers could supply. With this expectation, TAG decided to change its operation model from computer to electronics retail, paving the road to its success today. At present, TAG finds that e-commerce is growing fast across the globe and one of the sectors suffering the largest impact is electronics retail, a scene that is bound to play out in Vietnam as well. In reality, numerous electronics retailers on the world close hundreds of stores each year due to the competition of e-commerce websites like,, and Thus, it is high time for TAG to withdraw from this market. However, instead of selecting Nojima Corporation, TAG’s foreign partner with a 30.9 per cent stake, TAG selected MWG, its heavyweight… [Read full story]


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