Nghe An man’s tyre-made garden

A number of households in Nghe An Province have been having to deal with a species of venemous reptiles known as red-tailed vipers, which has resulted in some attacks.  A red-tailed viper Over the past two weeks, more than 10 households in Khanh Son Commune have been affected by the intrusion into gardens and living spaces. The red-tailed viper can reach lengths of 60cm and its bite can lead to serious medical complications. Huyen, a local resident, said that, since early September, her family found four red-tailed vipers in their house. Vinh, another local, was shocked to find them camouflaged…... [read more]

Thousands of people in the central Quang Ngai Province's Hoa Binh Village earn money by recycling used tyres, regardless of the environment pollution and health risks. A resident in the central Quang Ngai Province's Nghia Hoa Commune earns money by recycling old tyres. — Photo In the village in Nghia Hoa Commune, used tyres are seen lying everywhere, in yards, gardens and on either side of the roads. Used tyres, purchased from all corners of the country, are sold to truck or tyre manufacturing plants and products are made from them, depending on quality.Le Tan Trung, a village resident,…... [read more]

A man in Vietnam has been fined for lashing out at a woman through Facebook.The Department of Police in Vung Tau, a beach city in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, on Wednesday imposed an administrative fine upon Nguyen Trong Tuan, 26, originally from the north-central province of Nghe An, for offending the dignity of another individual.On November 9, officers received a denunciation letter from L.T.Y.N., 21, complaining that a Facebook account named Nguyen Tuan had insulted her in a comment.According to the report, the ‘VungTau’ Facebook page posted an article regarding a suspect being arrested for obstruction.Tuan’s first comment on the…... [read more]

A man has been fined VND8.2 million ($360) after a video captured him driving over a bridge in Saigon steering with his foot while talking on his cellphone. The video was shared on the internet two weeks ago, showing Nguyen Hoang Khanh, 37, driving across Phu My Bridge at high speed with his left foot on the wheel while sitting back and talking on the phone. The person taking the video can be heard screaming at the driver. Khanh told the police that he had just needed to stretch his legs and that he had not meant to be reckless. “I can't…... [read more]

A man in Hanoi was killed by lightning on his way to work on April 22 morning. The victim is Nguyen The Phuong, 33, at Quang Tien Commune, Soc Son District. His body was found near Noi Bai Industrial Park at around 6:30 a.m. The victim was found near Noi Bai Industrial Park at around 6:30 a.m on April 22. Initially, local people thought he was victim of a traffic accident and then called police. But it became clear he had been struck by lightning. Some local residents said that this early morning, the area near Noi Bai Industrial Park…... [read more]

He can’t see or hear, but a 78-year-old man has translated and typed 80-100 page Braille books compiling into an anthology entitled “The blind everywhere.” This dedicated man is Le Hong Thuy, former Chairman of the Association of Hanoian Blind and Vice Chairman cum Secretary of the Association of Vietnamese Blind.  Thuy was born in a poor area of the central province of Nghe Tinh. His father, Le Thuoc, was a teacher and a literature researcher. He joined the army in 1964. In a fierce battle in 1969, he lost his eyes in Cu Chi, HCM City. After the war,…... [read more]

Police forensics personnel examine the scene on Nightingale Road in Edmonton, north London after a woman was found dead following a suspected beheading in a residential garden, Sep 4, 2014. (AFP/Adrian Dennis) LONDON: A man has been charged with the murder of a pensioner in north London, police said late on Friday (Sep 6), following media reports that a woman was found beheaded in a back garden. Police declined to say how 82-year-old Palmira Silva was killed, but had said on the day of the attack on Thursday that the incident was not linked to terrorism. Nicholas Salvador, 25, was…... [read more]

Local men in Trieu Son District, Thanh Hoa Province has found 74 bombs and mines left over from the American War while working in garden. On March 20, while Ngo Van Thuan and his family were dredging up their pond, they discovered a cache of mines two metres underground. After receiving the news, the local military found total 72 active mines within a space of two square metres. On the same day, another local man also found two US bombs five to seven metres underground while he was doing work on his land. Each bomb weighs about 225 kg and…... [read more]

The People’s Court of Vinh City in Nghe An Province said that it had accepted the lawsuit from 43-year-old Hoang Khac Suu, a resident of Nghi Thu Ward, Cua Lo Town in the same province, who sues the Nghe An Preventive Medicine Center to require it to pay cash compensation to the man for the damage its wrong diagnosis has caused to him.According to case files, while Suu was serving his term at a prison in Nghia Dung Ward, Tan Ky District, Nghe An in 2003, his blood was taken for an HIV test as part of a national sentinel…... [read more]

Honza Frinta, who is from the Czech Republic, spends an average of eight hours on a daily basis taking care of a veggie garden which he has built on the rooftop of the Fablab Saigon building on Nguyen Van Dau Street, Binh Thanh District.Frinta first came to Vietnam in 2010 to work for a multinational corporation. His ‘office’ was moved to the little garden in early 2016.Renting a space about four square meters in area, the foreigner started his business as a vegetable farmer with two systems of hydroponics that grow several types of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. Staring…... [read more]