Omnögovi offers to swear brotherhood with Vietnam’s province

On January 12, in Ulan Bator, Vietnamese Ambassador to Mongolia Doan Thi Huong met Batbold Khoroo, Vice Chairman of Ömnögovi province. Ambassador Doan Thi Huong and Batbold Khoroo (L), Vice Chairman of Ömnögovi province At the meeting, Batbold Khoroo briefed some of the province socio-economic development. With total area of 165,000 sqkm and population of 63,661, Ömnögovi is the among the two Mongolian provinces contributing remarkably to the state budget. The locals often rely on mining, livestock farming and tourism to make living.  There are up to 2.6 billion cattles in the province, which is a renowned travel site of Mongolia with mysterious Gobi desert. Coming to Ömnögovi, tourist can also visit other well-known sites such as ancient Demchog Monastery Cathedral, Unaan nuur Lake, explore dinosaur fossil as well as go wild animal–seeing and attend the camel racing festival on the March.   Batbold Khoroo, Vice Chairman of Ömnögovi introduces tourist site and cusines of the province. Batbold Khoroo hopes Vietnam’s Embassy in Mongolia will help enhance the bilateral cooperation, especially in the areas of livestock processing, tourism, mining. On behalf of the provincial leadership, he offered one Vietnam’s province to swear brotherhood with Ömnögovi. For her part, Ambassador Doan Thi Huong highly values Ömnögovi’s socio-economy performance and show the delight with suggestion from Batbold Khoroo. The ambassador affirmed, Khoroo’s offer accorded with the bilateral government guidelines. The suggestions are in line with the partnership content signed during the 16 th session of Vietnam-Mongolia inter-government Committee in Ulan Bator, on early… [Read full story]


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