Part 2: Second home and opportunities to reintegrate into community

Open policies Vu Van Tri, Director of the Drug Rehab Facility 7 said that in the past admission time was fixed but now the facility admits drug-users 24/7. After being admitted, the drug-users are classified for treatment, medical care, and consultation. After medical treatment period, they are shifted to management areas where they enjoy consultation, education, vocational training, labor activities, refreshment…To achieve the best results during the time at the facility, the participants are managed in a way that they can learn, play, and work (therapist labor). For “therapist labor” at this facility, the participant can work in welding or electronic sections in a spacious workshop nearby a lake, an ideal environment for them to recover their health. Photo for illustration Vu Van Tri said that the participants are allowed to work and learn new jobs at the workshop, the final stage before they are discharged and reintegrate into the community. This kind of labor is within the treatment methodology, helping the participants get rid of drugs and increase their income. Fixing a fuse and some switches, Dinh Xuan Hoanh, 44, a participant from Hanoi, said that the staffs based on age, knowledge, ability, and health condition to assign jobs for each participant. “I only work half a day, the rest time I play billiards, ping-pong, and relax. We are well cared,” said Hoanh. The participants who work are paid openly. At the end of the month, they will receive a labor log which shows how much time they work…. [Read full story]


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