Party Chief: Corruption fight as tough and strong in 2018

The leader of Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party and the man behind the country’s sweeping corruption crackdown attended a meeting with the police force on January 16 to consolidate his control and call for even stronger efforts. Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong speaks at the national conference of the Public Security Ministry on Jan 16. Photo: VNA Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong was the guest of honor at the Ministry of Public Security’s year-end national conference, where he delivered an address. He said the police had done a good job of containing crime and investigating major corruption cases in 2017, adding that the fight should be just as tough and strong this year. This is why it is necessary to ensure the Party’s absolute and comprehensive leadership of public security forces. Operations must be increased against trans-border, hi-tech, and drug crimes, and violations of laws relating to the environment, food safety, and taxation, while enhancing the effectiveness of the fight against corruption, the Party Chief stressed. “Our main mission is to secure the direct and absolute leadership of the Party over the police force,” Mr. Trong said, who joined the seven-strong Party Standing Committee of the People’s Public Security Force, the core of Vietnam’s police force, in 2015. The 73-year-old leader also asked the police to prevent political apathy and tighten discipline within the force. Vietnam started its mission to stamp out corruption many years ago, but it has been forging ahead “stronger than ever” in recent times, Mr. Trong said…. [Read full story]


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