Photos show shark fins on roof of Vietnam’s embassy in Chile: media

Shark fins have been discovered on the roof of a Trade Office building inside the Embassy of Vietnam in Chile, according to photos published by Chilean online newspaper El Mostrador on Friday. El Mostrador reported that neighbors of the Vietnamese embassy, located in Providencia in Chile’s Santiago Province, had smelled a foul odor coming from the diplomatic residence. The fins apparently were first deposited on the roof of the Trade Office building on January 13, according to the Chilean newspaper, citing accounts from neighbors. The neighbors said that first only a small number the fins were deposited on the roof on January 13, over the next five days, more were added until there were more than a hundred shark fins there, El Mostrador reported. In the photos captured on January 18, the fins could be seen with relatively fresh cuts that revealed their bone structures. Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh demanded on Monday that a full report on the incident be made by the Trade Office in Chile and the European–American Markets Department by January 25. The trade ministry has also sent a dispatch to Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting its coordination in verifying the issue with the Vietnamese embassy in Chile and working closely with Chilean authorities to handle the case in accordance with local laws. Like us on Facebook  or  follow us on Twitter  to get the latest news about Vietnam!


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