Phu My Hung Spring Flower Fair set for next week

Phu My Hung Spring Flower Fair set for next week Hung Le Phu My Hung Spring Flower Fair 2018 will take place from February 8 to 14 (the 23rd to 29th of the 12th lunar month) in Crescent Lake area in Phu My Hung Urban Area in District 7, HCMC, Phu My Hung Development Corp told a news conference last week. The upcoming event is expected to bring tourists a cultural space reminiscent of the old days of Nha Be, currently an outlying district of HCMC. Taking advantage of its unique geographical position, this year’s flower fair will comprise four main areas. On the water surface of Crescent Lake, a floating market will be located at Ben Xuan (Spring Wharf) area of the week-long festival, featuring dozens of flower boats at anchor, raft houses and water coconut trees. And visitors will have the opportunity to gain an insight into daily lives of vendors in the land of an old Nha Be. One of the highlights of the festival is Duong Xuan (Spring Street) area where visitors can see a beautiful and poetic rain garden. Like in previous years, Vuon Xuan (Spring Garden) is expected to capture the attention of many tourists by the vivid colors of different species of flowers and countryside vegetables. In addition, there will be a 5-meter-long dog at the Spring Garden to welcome visitors and ring in the Year of the Dog. The opening ceremony of the festival will be held at 7 p.m. on February… [Read full story]


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