Pianist Luu Duc Anh: Classical music has a miracle power

Over the past few years, he has joined musical activities and projects in Vietnam with the hope of boosting the development of chamber music in Vietnam. Duc Anh spoke to Nhan Dan Weekly to share about his music projects and his arts career. Question: You are one of the co-founders of Maestoso, a group of talented young Vietnamese artists who have studied abroad and share a common hope of promoting classical music in Vietnam. Can you please tell us more about the project? Pianist Luu Duc Anh: Maestoso was established with the hope of contributing to the development of chamber music in Vietnam, while helping young Vietnamese artists to showcase their talent on a professional stage. The project is a joint initiative of four members including conductor Nguyen Phu Son, pianist Nguyen Duc Anh, CEO Duong Vu Minh, and I. All of us are Overseas Vietnamese students who were lucky enough to get access to the world’s cultural and arts essence. We also share a passion of promoting the essence to Vietnamese audiences and passing down knowledge we have learnt to younger generations. What have you done with the project so far? We are accelerating the final preparations for our first programmes and have planned for the next few years. Two programmes are scheduled this December and four others are scheduled for 2018. There are lots of things to do but we believe that we are on the right track. In Maestoso’s operations, we place the highest priority on the… [Read full story]


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