Public security sector reviews performance in 2017

Last year, public security forces strictly followed the motto promoting the rule of law, and innovative, active, responsible and effective actions. They have succeeded in providing advice to the Party and State in strategic issues in the fields of politics, economy and foreign affairs while ensuring the nation’s interests, national security and social order.The forces have played an active role in formulating plans and conducting operations to ensure security for Vietnam’s important political events, particularly the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week, enhancing the country’s image in the international arena.Thanks to the forces’ drastic efforts also brought about a 3.02 percent decline in the number of crimes in 2017 while 80.41 percent of criminal cases were solved. The number of traffic accidents fell by 6.32 percent with a 4.33 percent decrease in fatalities. The sector has also improved the efficiency of state management of population, household registration, and foreigners as well as the use of weapons and explosives, and conditional business areas.Speaking at the conference, General Secretary of the Communist Party Nguyen Phu Trong lauded the public security sector’s efforts and what it has achieved last year.He stressed that the domestic and international situation in 2018 poses heavy tasks for the sector. In such context, it is necessary to ensure the Party’s absolute and comprehensive leadership of the public security forces. The Party leader urged the sector to further improve forecast and analysis work for the effective prevention and early detection of threats to national interests and security and any act of sabotage. He… [Read full story]


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